The Warren Way – walking trail

The Warren Way walk is a lovely short walking trail for little feet or a much needed quick walk to clear the head and run off the kids energy.

The walk is situated between Ballina and Enniscrone on the Quay road, we drove along the road and then typed in Warren Way and google maps brought us straight to it. There is a small car park off the road and it is sign posted.

The kids loved the walk as its all safely fenced off and the path is nice and wide.  For toddlers I would advice staying near by as there is some gaps at the bottom of the fences where wildlife have borrowed under.  There is lovely boards along the way to keep the children entertained, Little Red Head and Mini Miss brought along their binoculars and spent ages spotting birds and wildlife.  The boards along the way give them the names of the animals and birds.  When you come to the end of the path you come to a gate that brings you out onto the river bank (River Moy) if the tide is out you can walk out along the bank for a long while.  Do this with caution as it is slippy and keep an eye on the tide as you could very easily get caught, if you aren’t familiar with the area I wouldn’t walk far.

Children’s bikes and scooters would work on this trail and buggy’s would be fine also, the path is nice and wide and graveled the entire way to the gate at the end.

We really enjoyed this walk and it is now a firm favorite of Little Red Head and Mini Miss.

The Break down

  • Distance; 1.4 km
  • Path the entire walk – gravel
  • Type; woodland and river bank
  • Walking boots/shoes advised, but runners would be good also

Shit Mam

Did  you ever just have those moments where you feel like you’re just being the shittiest mother?

Well that’s me lately I don’t know is it the ever looming summer holidays where its going to be full on entertainment 24/7.    I’ve had my low points three years of postnatal depression, hey bought the t shirt, swallowed the pills come out the other side.  Surely what ever funk I’m in I should be able to shake.

My kids are 4 and 6 yup precious ages, um well my two are at the lovely stage of telling me exactly what I’m doing wrong and goodness does it stink at times.  And often I take it so personally,  hubby will come to me and say their kids don’t heed them but we differ on this parenting issue.  While yes OK in hindsight they’re only starting to realize what may hurt, but I feel they should know that if they tell Mammy “she does nothing all day” that this merits a stern talking to.

Each age my kids have hit has come with it’s issues, challenges call them what you like, but this last few weeks I’ve found myself just thinking what have I done wrong, why am I raising my voice so much ahhhhhhhhh they just aren’t listening.

Do you know what STOP because,  just like me the kids are probably tired and need the up coming “rest”.  I started out this post not really knowing where it was going but knowing I needed to hash it out through the keyboard.  So while I feel A little less Shit mother and today, tomorrow and the next I’m going to stop myself and just say, “No” breath and I’m not going to shout cause the only person I have to blame for feeling crappy is Me.
Now que the lovely pic of my kids hugging me . . .

Hey this was the best I could find because of course I take all the pictures I.m rarely in them 

Find Me A Corner

I’m currently held up by my family, so ok I’m just out of hospital after an operation and my family are doing an amazing job at looking after me.
 I can’t drive at the moment so my Mammy is my chauffeur she’s also the cook, childminder and general maid.  On Friday to get me out of the house we decided to take a trip, one of our ports of call was Tesco.
We entered the shop and of course the kids wanted to go see the toys so off we went ten minutes later an empty trolley and a long list for Santa.  Oh yes the Santa lists have started already in our house!  Myself and my Mam told Little red head and Mini miss it was time to say bye bye to the toys LRH said his tearful goodbyes but Mini miss had other ideas.  I thought fine then this little miss needs to learn a lesson, now some of ye may point fingers and say I’m cruel but at no stage was Mini miss in any danger I could see her the entire time.  I hid down an aisle LRH stayed with me and my Mam went to check the price of something.  As far as Mini miss was concerned we had all left, she continued to play with the toys looking around a few time but in general happy out after five minutes oh yes five minuets Mini miss started to look for us, we were still hidden but Mini miss clearly has eyes in the back of her head as she came running round the corner and goes “hi Mammy”.  I’ve no idea how she knew where we were, but my heist was bust and Mini miss was practically laughing at us.
With the promise of a kinder egg we got Mini miss into the trolley and we finally got into the shopping, oh hang on scratch that LRH decided to do his best schumacher impression and shot of with Mini miss in the trolley down the end of the shop to see the fish!  My Mam goes running after them I’m creeping behind trying to catch up, and on my way I get stopped by a lady holding white socks.  This lady wants to know the size of my “girls” shoes, I politely through gritted teeth say is it my girl or my boys shoe size you’re wondering about, because she’s pointing at LRH but he is a boy so I’m confused.  I ask at least three more time is it my boy or girl your looking at and I clearly direct her to each child,yes the girl there with the red shoes on the lady say.  Oh yes the red runners not red Dorothy shoes, so ok I don’t say that to her but she just doesn’t seem to be listening to the genders of my children so I give up, well kinda of give up and I tell her that My Boy is size 11 foot, I help her sort out the right size socks for her girl grandchild and I walk away shaking my head wondering am I ever getting out of this shop with the shopping.
Once the four of us are together we start down the food aisle and all is going good we pick up the kinder eggs and spend the next few aisle trying to stop Mini miss opening her before it’s paid for.  I’m led into a false hope that we’re on the winning side when Mini miss starts to shout LRH name over and over and over again she then moves on the general screaming at the top of her lungs.  As we are searching for fly spray which is very near the wine aisle and I’m tempted to just go there and crack open a bottle, a lady rounds the corner and screams back at Mini miss.  Yes a fully grown lady total stranger starts screaming at us, I and my Mam laugh Mini miss stops for a nano second and continues her best impression of operatic screaming.  That wine aisle is looking ever more tempting but alas we are at the tills.  I feel like i’ve done some kind of endurance test and as I’m paying for the groceries and say to My Mam, “I think we need a coffee”!

It was only a few weeks ago I wrote a piece on tips for shopping with children I think I need to refresh myself on my own advice or failing that I’m signing up for the next Fear Factor, because nothing prepares you for battle like shopping with kids. . .

Pavarotti herself and that’s “my girl” on the righthand side!