The Warren Way – walking trail

The Warren Way walk is a lovely short walking trail for little feet or a much needed quick walk to clear the head and run off the kids energy.

The walk is situated between Ballina and Enniscrone on the Quay road, we drove along the road and then typed in Warren Way and google maps brought us straight to it. There is a small car park off the road and it is sign posted.

The kids loved the walk as its all safely fenced off and the path is nice and wide.  For toddlers I would advice staying near by as there is some gaps at the bottom of the fences where wildlife have borrowed under.  There is lovely boards along the way to keep the children entertained, Little Red Head and Mini Miss brought along their binoculars and spent ages spotting birds and wildlife.  The boards along the way give them the names of the animals and birds.  When you come to the end of the path you come to a gate that brings you out onto the river bank (River Moy) if the tide is out you can walk out along the bank for a long while.  Do this with caution as it is slippy and keep an eye on the tide as you could very easily get caught, if you aren’t familiar with the area I wouldn’t walk far.

Children’s bikes and scooters would work on this trail and buggy’s would be fine also, the path is nice and wide and graveled the entire way to the gate at the end.

We really enjoyed this walk and it is now a firm favorite of Little Red Head and Mini Miss.

The Break down

  • Distance; 1.4 km
  • Path the entire walk – gravel
  • Type; woodland and river bank
  • Walking boots/shoes advised, but runners would be good also

Last minute Mother’s Day idea – Penny’s style

Mother’s Day – Penny’s style

Mammy red head is very Lucky to have a mammy to buy for on Mothers’s Day but after 30 odd years of gift buying my ideas are running thin and I feel that it’s more important to tell my mam throughout the year that she is special instead of just one hallmark day! Last night I had twenty minuets to spare and said that’s it I’m sorting out Mothers’s Day and I thought to Penny’s I go.  Now don’t get me wrong my Mam deserves diamonds, holidays, Prada handbags but stay at home mammies pay is . . . Oh yes 0 I get payment in hugs which are lovely but unfortunately Brown Thomas don’t except hugs, I did ask!   But my Mammy does and she also loves wandering round Penny’s picking up bits and pieces and the odd bargain, so I thought i’d bring Penny’s to her in a basket. I started grabbing and throwing in, oh so dangerous but €40 later and a very heavy basket I felt I’d done well!

What you think? I know my Mam will have a ball sifting through all the goodies and I had fun shopping for it.  Here’s a break down of whats in the basket. . . 
There’s everything from a shower cap (reduced to 50c) bargain, travel brush/mirror, lint roller, nail files, pj’s, candles, a mug and much more.  The basket is from a set of two that cost €8 but if you where sticking to a tight budget you could get one of the lovely gift bags they have in Penny’s or they have lovely rolls of paper for €1.50 /€2.  For just €10 you could get the pjs, mug and two candles that you see in the pictures total bargain sure what more could a Mammy want a cuppa, nice pjs and nice smelly candles?? Well Jamie Dornan to light the candles maybe??
Mother’s Day while certainly is fueled by hallmark and every shop you walk into their trying to get a slice of the pie, but speaking as a Mammy just to be remembered by my kids and hubby in their own special way is all I ask. I hope I’ve helped give you some ideas for gifts and sure if anything it’s any to head to Penny’s ! 

"Pinterest Mammy" – I Try !

Pinterest Mammy – I Try ! 

You just got to love the Pinterest Mammy thing I’ve had my epic fails and I’ve had some pat on the back moments.  It definitely  has some brilliant ideas and it gets my creative juices buzzing.  The last two nights I’ve been busy making this . . .

It’s  my version of something I seen on Pinterest and I’m going to use it for a party then I may hang it in  my kitchen.  It was fun to make and not to complicated.
  1. Print out cup and teapot cut outs
  2. Trace cut outs on to decorative papers and cut around, then use blade to cut out handles
  3. Cut out circle from cardboard 
  4. Stick on cups and teapot in random form
  5. Cover caps with lace
  6. Trace outline of cups and teapots with different colours 
  7. Tie on ribbons and lace and add brooch detail 
  8. Add lace hang detail to back with stapler 
Tada ! Pinterest Mammy :p