About Me

mammy red head

A young 30 something from the West of Ireland, I studied Journalism in college and now boast a degree in Journalism which after a few years of trying this and that I fell into children’s books.

I live in a mad house but wouldn’t have it any other way with two children, a dog, a cat, a hamster and of course the hubby.  We love doing things together and as a close net small family we love to go camping, exploring and for ice cream.  Living in the West of Ireland means we have beauty on our door step and going for walks along the Céide Coast and trying our hand at cycling on the Greenway are among some of our favorite trips to do on a regular basis.

Having children brought me down many different paths, struggles and experiences, but when I was having my second child I went looking for a book to read to him to explain the imminent arrival of a sibling.  I couldn’t find a book suitable to the times we live in now so I put pen to paper and made a book for Henry, this was to be my first book, there is only one copy of it and I treasure it.  It got me thinking that it was fun writing a children’s book as previously I always favored writing lengthy feature articles.  Life paused for a few years and I dealt with some mental health issues that I advocate speaking about to lift the stigma of “feeling down”.  Once I came out the other side of PND I still had this want to create and while I was going places with Henry and Lily, I used to take pictures for my Dad’s touring company and I would use the tag Little Red Head on Tour and from this grew the idea of Little Red Head and the books I now create today.

Now I can not draw for peanuts but I have an amazing illustrator form Loughrea in Galway and he illustrates the stories that I create.  Together we make amazing books alone we’d have nothing . . .                                                        To date two books are completed one is published and for sale and the third book is on the way.

The Little Red Head books to me are my way of helping children explore the wonderful Island of Ireland through story, illustration and exploration.

5 Fun Facts About Me 

  • I love Irish Dancing
  • I’ve three Tattoos
  • My family are my world without them I’m not Mammy Red Head
  • I can still tip my toe to my nose
  • My favorite author is Beatrix Potter