Personalised Tote bag – Miibag

Look at my amazing new bag . . .
This fab bag is from Miibag done by the extremely talented Anne who is a pleasure to deal with, professional and her product is one of kind and individual to the person.  
You can order different sizes and colour bags and through messages to Anne you communicate what you would like on your bag and any little details or features the caricature may have.
Anne’s inspiration for Miibag was her niece Katelynn, who is an amazing 5 year old little girl with Autism. Katelynn is obsessed with seeing her name in places and Anne wanted to get her a personalised tote bag, having looked around and not seeing any that she would recognise,  Anne decided to do her own bag for Katelyn and hers was the first bag created.  Anne by profession is an artist and already has a thriving business  Funny Faces Face Painting so the transition wasn’t all to difficult and Katelyn adored her Miibag.  Anne got such pleasure from doing the bag and seeing Katelynn’s delight at seeing it that she decided she was going to do a few more….and that’s where it all began!
Meduim bag – 30x30x20 – € 25 plus p&p
Large bag – 36x39x20 – €30 plus p&p
There is new lines been added all the time so keep an eye on the page
The quality of the bags is very good and it’s difficult to see in the pictures but there’s lost of lovely glitter on the picture and it doesn’t come off .  The only down side is the wait time is 2-3 weeks but you have to remember these are hand drawn and painted to your specification, my advice would be if your ordering for an occasion or a gift order in good time.  There is alot of companies to there doing these bags and I looked around and spoke to many of them but when I came across Miibag and Anne I just loved her art work and the personal touch.
Now I am of to the shops with my new bag!  

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